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Stories and anecdotes from those living the green life and contributing to the global conservation effort. Click the links on the right to view their stories.

"Living Green has truly changed our lives for the better. We started by using Shaklee's GET CLEAN cleaning Products eleven years ago to protect our daughter Kaelin when she was first born. We added the Nutritional Products so we would have the strength and energy to be parents of an active toddler. We noticed a wonderful difference in our health and our outlook on life as we used these products. Then, the universe provided us an opportunity to start a Shaklee business of our own.

A year after 9/11 Tom's business, a not-for-profit Healing Center, closed due to lack of funding and Newelle's private counseling practice slowed down as the economy here in New York dried up. Inspiration struck, once we realized we didn't have to "sell" anything, but could build something by sharing Shaklee. Our desire to help other people find better health and financial security has been our biggest motivation.

Six years later, the financial and personal results have been stunning! But we didn't do this alone. We're in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. We have been taught, coached and cheered on by our "up line" and continually supported by the Integrity of the Shaklee corporation and the Efficacy of their products .

It has given us optimum health, a lifestyle that we love and as of this year, 498 families have switched to green products from our web site!

We are looking for business partners. Would you like to help people Go Green? Or who do you know who could use a second stream of income? Please Contact us. We're happy to help people evaluate this opportunity to see if it’s a good fit."

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld
Green Cleaning Products
Get Clean™ Distributors

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Nan Van Der Puy
Vice president -Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Computer Engineer, Atlanta GA


Marty Kupersmith
Jay and the Americans
Concerned environmentalist

Ted Mayer
Logo & Lapel, LLC.

Tina Tilzer
Interior Designer
Art & Interiors

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld
Green Cleaning Products
Get Clean™ Distributors

Edward Berkise

Villa Cleaners

Greenwood Lake, NY 10925 | 845.667.6852 | planetsixtysix@yahoo.com