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Stories and anecdotes from those living the green life and contributing to the global conservation effort. Click the links on the right to view their stories.

"We have recycled since 1971 all our cans, paper, used items, etc. I grew and hand-made all our baby food (even grinding the wheat to make the graham crackers!) for our two children. That was way back in the day when we lived in a cabin on a mountain. We taught them to love the earth and my son is now a "green" builder who is renovating our house. We carpool as much as we can. We have our own well and septic system and we conserve water. "

Nan Van Der Puy
Vice president -Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

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Nan Van Der Puy
Vice president -Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Computer Engineer, Atlanta GA


Marty Kupersmith
Jay and the Americans
Concerned environmentalist

Ted Mayer
Logo & Lapel, LLC.

Tina Tilzer
Interior Designer
Art & Interiors

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld
Green Cleaning Products
Get Clean™ Distributors

Edward Berkise

Villa Cleaners

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