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"One of my companies, "Green Building" is an Organic Home Corporation… shortly after we moved to Georgia we contracted with a local builder for our house. I knew nothing of residential building and after going through this experience I decided I could do a much better job than the contractor did. My brother in law Thomas Sawyer who lives in Kent, Ct. and is a principle in “OrganicHomeCompany.com”, has been involved for years and I learned quite a bit from him. There were opportunities where we were living so I decided to take on a solo project with a neighbor who was in the framing business. It turned out he is one of the best framers in the area so I learned a great deal from him. I helped him out of a jam and in return he taught me the building business. He helped me secure great sub contractors for each step of the project and so it went. I took on several projects over the next couple of years and with each project incorporated more and more healthy, renewable and efficient building materials, techniques and concepts. I also incorporated more and more high tech systems for my customers. In a nutshell my building philosophy incorporates the following: Healthy, renewable, efficient and maybe most importantly smaller homes designed around the occupants lifestyle.

Recently I have learned a bit about LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and hope after this economy turns around to get involved in a more state of the art home for me and my family to retire to and hopefully influence others to build this way."

Ted Mayer
Logo & Lapel, LLC.

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Nan Van Der Puy
Vice president -Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Computer Engineer, Atlanta GA


Marty Kupersmith
Jay and the Americans
Concerned environmentalist

Ted Mayer
Logo & Lapel, LLC.

Tina Tilzer
Interior Designer
Art & Interiors

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld
Green Cleaning Products
Get Clean™ Distributors

Edward Berkise

Villa Cleaners

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