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"Family owned and operated since 1965, Villa Cleaners is the oldest, largest, most experienced, on premise full service dry cleaner in Western Suffolk County, NY, including: *dry cleaning, shirt laundering, expert tailoring and the area's most reliable routed pick-up and delivery service. *Environmentally friendly! State-of-the-art machines using a clean, clear, non-toxic organic solvent. Specialty cleaning services: leather, suede luxurious fur cleaning bridal gowns evening wear (beads and sequins no problem) area rugs reweaving Same day dry cleaning and shirt laundering available: in by 11am, ready by 5pm. U.S. flags cleaned for free!! "

Villa Cleaners
(631) 667-4655
1899 Deer Park Ave
Deer Park, NY 11729

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Nan Van Der Puy
Vice president -Investments
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Computer Engineer, Atlanta GA


Marty Kupersmith
Jay and the Americans
Concerned environmentalist

Ted Mayer
Logo & Lapel, LLC.

Tina Tilzer
Interior Designer
Art & Interiors

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld
Green Cleaning Products
Get Clean™ Distributors

Edward Berkise

Villa Cleaners

Greenwood Lake, NY 10925 | 845.667.6852 | planetsixtysix@yahoo.com